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Crack pecans quickly and easily with the Kinetic Kracker.  It’s fun and easy to use.



Kinetic Kracker

The KINETIC KRACKER cracks approximately 26 pecans per minute!  It has a fan cooled gear motor that cracks a nut with each revolution.  This pecan nut cracker will not over crack or crush pecans. Cracked nuts drop out the bottom into (your) pan or onto table.  The shield prevents shell splatter.  Includes a handy carrying strap. If you crack a lot of pecans, you will appreciate the speed and ease of the Kinetic Kracker.

Kinetic Kracker (18 lbs) - $370.00


Kinetic Kracker:  The Kinetic Kracker uses a rotating cylinder to crack the nuts.  As the cylinder spins, you place a nut in the opening in the cracking compartment about every 2 seconds. The cylinder continues to spin.  When it has spun to the other side, the anvil rams the nut and cracks it.  A protective shield keeps the hull from flying all over the room.  As the cylinder continues to spin, the opening in the cracking compartment drops the cracked nut out the bottom and the process starts all over again.  It takes a little while to get used to putting the nuts in at the right time.  But, once you get the hang of it, it works really well.  The anvil automatically adjusts to any length nut. There is only one part to remove or replace if or when changing from cracking extreme differences in diameter of nuts.  The manufacturer offers a 1 year warranty.

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